Legendary Moonlight Sculptor by Nam Hee-Sung

Current Work and Updates

Oct 1st 2016

Just a word about the current last chapter. I’ve been either way too busy or way too depressed. I can’t seem to find a nice balance. 🙂

Really a new job has started and I have not had anytime to get to finish the last part of Chapter 10. I’ll see about posting what I do have complete. I have also had to fight a system crash for my OS, it just stopped booting and seeing that hard drive…oh my, a small disaster but not too bad.

I’ve got about 45% of Chapter 10 finished. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get it posted. My MT work is in the cloud memsource so it should be fine, I just need to find my passwords and account.

Jan 05, 017

Wow, it’s a new year. So much has been happening in my personal life and this site has gotten no attention at all. Which for me is sort of a good and bad thing.

I’m waiting on a new computer system which has been here but is waiting to get it’s updates! I know, crazy right. So it should be done this week as my current computer is showing it’s age and giving me no end of problems. The current write delay error message is the writing on the wall for the current tower.

I’ve had to replace my XP os with a brand new install and that meant much of what I had setup to access accounts and translation on the cloud was lost. I’ve also had to move my office for the last 15 weeks to a location that was an hour (one way) away from me. Not working from my home office made it impossible for me to have any time to work on this project.

I’m currently back at my home office with a brand new setup and all. Even now I’m taking time I don’t have to write this 2017 update 🙂

I’ll see how things go but this is the last thing on my priority list of work to get to. That said I’ll try and make some time this weekend to get more material completed.

My undying thanks to all of you who have supported me and sent me some great words of support. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. I really appreciate that you have enjoyed these translations.